our first test will be based on a gentoo stage3 file

Test procedureEdit

download the file


extract it

tar -xvjpf stage3-i586-2006.0.tar.bz2


Gentoo stage3Edit

test setup:

  • reiserfs 3.6 filesystem

| | | |

</nowiki> -->

extention version filesystem directories? size
uncompressed - - 373M
Original stage3-i586-2006.0.tar.bz2 ??? - - 100M
bunzip2 .bz2 1.0.3 No No
gunzip .gz
rar .rar
rzip .rz
squashfs 2.1 - 2.1 Yes Yes 109M
tar .tar
tar.bz2 GNU,1.15.1 99M
zip .zip

compression programs compatibilityEdit

rzip rar tar-bz2 Zip
winrar 3.51 windows Yes Decompression Yes

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