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  • please tell if the port is integrated inside the os by default or not(for win32 be carefull to have a generalistic install cd and not a laptop or computer-specific cd)

Os and platform portsEdit

widows Linux BSD unix others mobile
win32 sfu cygwin

Open Bsd Free Bsd Net Bsd Dragonfly Bsd Mac OsX Solaris HP-UX AIX Mac Os BeOs Symbian windows CE ti-89 psp
gcc(c and c++ here) minigw,microsoft studio,boland c++,none by default Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
perl Yes,active state perl(proprietary licence?) Yes Yes
.net Avaliable
java Avaliable
portable java
bash not the standard one no bash but ksh? C shell? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
python(jython) binary and a bsd-port(source???) Yes

interoperability of the codeEdit



Most unixes use the coreutils and cares about the compatibility of the script,and include options such as ?? -? for compatibility purposes,for example to keep the old posix compatibility...

But Some uttilities difers and have incompatibilities such as sfu and busybox(to be verified)