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price target machine,brand storage screen input wifi mmu principal processor ram coprocessor/dsp interfaces sound microphone locked bootloader sources sdk review native distribution linux distributions non linux distributions
200$ linux pmp MX2020,pontix 20 GB touchscreen No No here and here
linux pmp pma400,archos 30GB 320x240 touchscreen Yes Yes omap5910(ARM925Tsid+TMS320C55x(dsp)) TMS320DM270( ARM7TDMI+TMS320C54x(dsp)) Yes Yes hacked Yes Yes Qtopia 1.7.0,linux 2.4.19-rmk7-omap1
hacked gaming console nitendo-ds 2x 266x192 touchscreen(only one screen) Yes(in developement) No ARM94E-S@67MHz 4MB ARM7TDMI@33MHz Yes Yes - - - - ds-linux
hacked gaming console gameboy-sp,nitendo 240x160  ???(buttons only) No No ARM7TDMI@16.8MHz Z80-like@8.4mhz(cannot be active at the same time as the arm7tdmi) - - - - here
linux pda Zaurus SL-C3000,Sharp 4GB hdd 640x480 touchscreen,keyboard Yes XScale PXA270@416MHz 1
linux pmp PMP-120,iriver 20GB 320x240@260k [1]
native gaming console GPX2-F100,Gamepark? 64MB NAND Flash buttons dual arm 9 32MB usb-client,sd Yes [2]
photo viewer Giga Vu Pro,Jobo AG 40GB,60GB 320x240 buttons Intel PXA255 Xscale@400MHz CompactFlash,usb2.0 client Yes [3]
 ??? satellite decoder? Dreambox 500 S No,connector only network(ssh?)

be mmu also means that there is no possibility to use a swap