Os and package management(extended,not just the package management) official portsEdit

i don't know well pkgsrc and netbsd(and bsd in general) so i don't know if it's just a package management or a full environement such as portage is

sfu cygwin solaris free-BSD Open BSD Net BSD Dragonfly BSD mac osx darwin linux irix aix OSF1 hurd
Gentoo doesn't work broken portage(solaris 9) "experimental" work in progress work in progress work in progress portage
Debian Gnu/KfreeBSD in developement Yes
Net Bsd pkgsrc pkgsrc(up to solaris 9) pkgsrc pkgsrc - pkgsrc pkgsrc pkgsrc pkgsrc pkgsrc pkgsrc pkgsrc
Open BSd
Free BSd



  • A gentoo port is an other kernel ported to gentoo,that means that all the os is like gentoo(installation,documentation,tools...) but the kernel was changed and the utilities recompiled for this particular kernel
  • A portage port is a little more than only a package management port,it's well implemented inside the os and permit the use of both system:portage apps and the os apps(the os filesystem is untouched,because portage doesn't use / in theses os but it's own directory that is /something)

The sandbox isn't avaliable inside all OS(linux and mabe mac-os) because it need interaction with the kernel in order to make the ./configure make and make install think that they are acessing a rw filesystem...


gnu/KfreeBSD and hurd port are used in production environement and as gentoo it use only another kernel(the bsd one or the hurd) and have adapted all the apps to the new kernel...(not using bsd apps)

Kernel portsEdit

port\os Linux Windows Xen 2.0 Xen 3.0 L4 Mach
Linux 2.6 UML(integrated by default since 2.6.???),colinux???(rumors) Colinux L4linux mklinux?(kernel version)
Linux 2.4  ???(in xen docs they use a 2.4 kernel so mabe patching it just work) colinux L4linux mklinux?(kernel version)
Darwin L4/darwin

system librariesEdit

Ported Os Linux Windows MacOsX ppc MacOsX X86
Plan9 Yes
Next-step Gnustep
Windows wine -

RiscPC and RiscOSEdit

arculator RPCemu arcem virtual acron redsquirrel
Licence freeware+sources freeware+sources gpl commercial freeware
Windows Yes Yes Yes
Linux Yes
Others ports MacOsX,all posix(unix compatible) os
goal acurcy speed acuracy?
Machines Acorn Archimedes A400 series
Os RISC OS 3.1,arm-linux

unknown methodEdit