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Processor comercial name internal codename architecture Process size(µm) frequency cache L1 cache L2 cache L3 MMU exec TLB R/W TLB NX bit virtualisation Hyper Threading Hyper Transport Problems
pentium p5 i586 0.80 No No No No
Pentium mmx
Pentium III Yes No No No No serial number hard-coded
Pentium 4 Yes No No Yes No a cache security problem
Athlon 64
Feature explanation

Features explanationsEdit



Hyper threadingEdit

Hyper threading is always mislead with beeing 2 virtual processors because the processor apears as 2 processors on Operating systems such as Microsoft windows or on the bios's boot screen

The reality is that they duplicated some part of the core's processors such as pipeline,in order to allow the processor to make a context switch in almost no time

Hyper transportEdit